5th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy

Date: 28th to 29th June 2018

Location: University of Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany

The workshop fee includes lunch, snacks and beverages on Thursday and Friday. Vegan/vegetrian options will be served. Please note that fees are reduced if you contribute to the workshop. 

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Frequently asked questions


Can team members of a paper / project register via the "invited for presentation" category?

If your paper / project is selected for presentation, team members of that project are allowed to register as “invited for presentation” too.

Early or late registration? Do I get a refund if I get invited for presentation?

Everybody who plans to submit an abstract till March 31st should wait with her/his registration till April 15th. Everybody else who wants to attend without presenting anything can register now. The University of Mannheim has ample space so we don’t expect to run out of places for attendees. We cannot pay the full refund for canceled or wrong registrations due to service fees which we have to pay to the billing services.