The major part of the workshop is the presentations of your papers and projects. Because we have received so many highly interesting submissions, we are planning parallel sessions.

Timing of a Session

Each session will have the same format: In each parallel session there will be 4 presentations in 2 hours. Each presentation gets 30 minutes:

  • 15-20 minutes for the presentation of the project or paper.
  • 10 minutes for a discussion of the presentation.

With this format, we want wo make sure that each paper is discussed individually and thoroughly directly after it is presented.

Session Presenters

Presentation laptop and projector will be in each room. Please bring your presentation as Powerpoint or PDF on a USB drive and install your presentation during the break before (!) the session. Changing laptops between single presentations might take time that could be better used for discussions.

Session Chair

To make sure that no presentation eats up time of the following presentation, we need so called “session chairs”. The session chair is responsible for time keeping, but also for making a short introduction at the beginning of each session and for moderating the discussion after each presentation.

Session Participants

If you have decided to join a session, please stay in that session till the end. If people come and go for single presentations, participants and presenters get distracted (and annoyed).

Feel free to selection another topic and another session in the next round of sessions. You don’t have to state beforehand which session you would like to attend.