Full paper submission

Submission of full paper for feedback

We want to make sure that all of you have the possibility to get thorough feedback on your work. To do so, please send the full paper, that you want to discuss, until June 15th 2018 to Achim Oberg. We will distribute all submitted papers among the participants of the 5th IWSE so you have the chance to comment on other papers and receive feedback from others. Your paper will not be published on the WWW. We do not have standardized formal criteria with regard to the paper submissions. You are free to follow the specifications of any target journal for your paper. Please note that sending in a full paper is optional. You can also present a project or paper idea without submitting a paper until June 15th.

Submission of full paper for the Best Paper Proceedings

We are glad that Cambridge Scholars Publishing will publish the best conference papers in the volume 'Perspectives on the Sharing Economy'. The volume will be a collection of short papers (2000 words). This format will allow you to publish the full paper later in a ranked academic journal. When submitting the paper, please indicate to Achim whether you want us to consider your paper for the Best Paper Proceedings. Shortly after the workshop, we will inform you whether your paper has been selected for publication in the Best Paper Volume. If so, we will ask you to develop a short paper version of the full paper. We might give you some additional feedback and ask you to revise your short paper.


Please submit via e-mail to Achim Oberg (

Important deadlines

Deadline for submission of abstracts for projects or papers: March 31st, 2018
Deadline for confirmation of presenters: April, 15th, 2018
Deadline for registration of presenters: May, 31st, 2018

Deadline for full submission: June 15th, 2018


Further information

We are glad to announce that Cambridge Scholars Publishing will publish the best conference papers in the volume 'Perspectives on the Sharing Economy'. This volume will bring together short papers that all focus on the sharing economy phenomenon, yet examine the subject from different disciplinary angles, thus providing a coherent and comprehensive overview of research on the sharing economy. Short paper contributions will be selected in a competitive process from all papers invited for presentation at the 5th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy on June 28/29 in Mannheim (Germany). Authors will be informed by the end of June and will have to prepare a short paper of 2000 words until the end of July.
We invite project and paper contributions that are grounded in different disciplines and theoretical perspectives. Contributions can be conceptual, methodological or empirical. Please submit an abstract till March 31, 2018.

Frequently asked questions


Can we submit papers which are under review elsewhere?

You are welcome to submit papers that are already under review. If you will submit a paper under review, please note this as a comment to your submission till March 31st.

Can I submit a paper written in another language than Englisch?

It is an international workshop in English. Please submit an abstract in English. If your have already written a full paper in another language, you can submit an English abstract for a project presentation till March 31st. Then you don’t have to submit a full paper in English. Alternatively, if you submit an abstract for a paper presentation till March 31st, you have to write a full paper in English till June 15th.

5th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy - Best Paper Proceedings 'Perspectives on the Sharing Ecomomy'
Call for Contribution: 5th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy - June 28/29 in Mannheim, Germany