Which differentiation strategies can existing companies pursue in order to establish themselves in the Sharing Economy? Alexander Frey, Manuel Trenz and Daniel Veit address this question in their recently published article.
A unique learning opportunity for those who combine institutional theory and research on the sharing economy! Join us for a one-week intense PhD workshop on institutional analysis in Mannheim (August 26-30, 2019). In public morning lectures international faculty (Stanford, Northwestern University, Boston University, EM-LYON, WU Vienna, University of Jena, University of Mannheim) will present and discuss research within the field of institutional theory.
The next International Workshop on the Sharing Economy will take place in Utrecht, Netherlands on June 28-29 2019. You can subscribe to the newsletter, to receive further information on the workshop.
A study published by Martin Kornberger, Stephan Leixnering, Renate Meyer, and Markus Höllerer in the Academy of Management Discoveries.
In this article, Georg Reischauer and Johanna Mair discuss how platform organizations in the sharing economy relate to so called hybrid communities they host and discuss which of the strategic responses suggested by literature to minimize the dependence of a platform organization on its hybrid community still apply.
We are glad to announce that Cambridge Scholars Publishing will publish the best conference papers in the volume 'Perspectives on the Sharing Economy'. This volume will bring together short papers that all focus on the sharing economy phenomenon, yet examine the subject from different disciplinary angles, thus providing a coherent and comprehensive overview of research on the sharing economy. Short paper contributions will be selected in a competitive process from all papers invited for presentation at the 5th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy on June 28/29 in Mannheim (Germany). Authors will be informed by the end of June and will have to prepare a short paper of 2000 words until the end of July.
We invite project and paper contributions that are grounded in different disciplines and theoretical perspectives. Contributions can be conceptual, methodological or empirical. Please submit an abstract till March 31, 2018.
From which perspectives do researchers study the sharing economy? How can the sharing economy contribute to social sustainability in Germany? Can sharing business models be applied in the energy sector? How do communities manage themselves? Which factors influence sustainable entrepreneurial actions in the sharing economy? Around 30 researchers from different academic backgrounds came together for the i-share research workshop at the University of Mannheim on November 8th 2017 to discuss these questions.
Insights from the i-share project published in "MIS Quarterly Executive
SAVE THE DATE: 6th IWSE in Utrecht, Netherlands, June 28-29 2019
REMINDER: Apply until April 25, 2019 for the 17th SCANCOR Phd Workshop on Institutional Analysis
A look back at the second i-share Research Workshop
Article “Platform Organizing in the New Digital Economy”
Rethinking the Sharing Economy: The Nature and Organization of Sharing in the 2015 Refugee Crisis
Call for Contribution: 5th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy - June 28/29 in Mannheim, Germany
5th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy - Best Paper Proceedings 'Perspectives on the Sharing Ecomomy'