What are the promises and myths of the sharing economy? What are its ideological underpinnings? What are the emergent business models and governance forms in the sharing economy? How do sharing technologies create new forms of work, identity and work relationships? If you have a paper in which you address one of these (or various other) questions, you should read this call for papers for a special issue of "Technological Forecasting and Social Change"!
You are doing research on sharing organizations? You are interested in strengthening the theoretical basis in the research field? Then submit a short paper to the sub-theme organized by the i-share consortium before January 11th 2016!
Mit Benedikt Franke von Helpling, Helen Goulden von Nesta und Pieter van de Glind von shareNL.
Call for Papers on "Promises and paradoxes of the sharing economy"
Video from panel discussion is online (in English)!
Call for Papers for "Organizing in the Shadow of Sharing" sub-theme at EGOS Colloquium