Social Enterprises = Sharing Economy Organizations?

Johanna Mair, Nikolas Rathert and Georg Reischauer compare sharing economy organizations and social enterprises with focus on the role of community and the role of growth. Their analysis reveals that social enterprises and sharing economy organizations are quite different when it comes to community and growth.

Social enterprises and sharing economy organizations are both alternative forms of organizing that have developed to overcome the deficiencies of contemporary capitalism. But what are the similarities and differences of these forms, especially with respect to dimensions that have been identified as relevant for both forms, community and growth? The article sheds light on this question with a comparative analysis von German social enterprises and sharing economy organizations. The community seems more relevant for social enterprises. Moreover, sharing economy organizations use the community for new market entry to a slightly greater extent. In addition and in contrast to social enterprises, sharing economy organizations tend to not change their geographical scope. These results can be taken as a positive sign that also reflects a societal ability to nurture and institutionalize alternative forms of organizing.

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