How to capture the dynamics of the sharing economy?

Johanna Mair and Georg Reischauer address this question in their paper which has just been published in "Technological Forecasting and Social Change". They also provide a video overview and a policy comment on the paper.

The authors develop a definition of the sharing economy that emphasizes the peculiarities of this new form of business: access to resources, alternative forms of compensation in addition to money, interaction between peers and digital platforms as the basis for this interaction. Additionally, the central role of sharing economy organisations, as a service provider and designer of digital platforms, is analysed based on the diversity of these organisations and their practices. Analysing this diversity helps to better understand the sharing economy. The authors propose a comprehensive research approach for such endeavours.


Mair, J., & Reischauer, G. (2017). Capturing the dynamics of the sharing economy: Institutional research on the plural forms and practices of sharing economy organizations. Technological Forecasting and Social Change. 125: 11-21.

Further Information

A video overview of the paper can be found here.

You can download the paper and get additional information here.

A comment directed at policymakers on how to unlock the potential of the sharing economy based on the paper can be found here.


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