Article “Encouraging to Share”

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In this conceptual article, Georg Reischauer uses a network perspective to discuss how to encourage a community to share.

A community in which persons share resources is of great relevance for firms in the sharing economy. However, so far little attention has been paid to the activities with which a community can be encouraged to share. To address this gap, this conceptual paper argues to focus on the relationships between persons of a community that together constitute a sharing network. The activities to encourage sharing in this network can be systematized with the process types „mobilizing“, „distributing”, and „stabilizing”. The paper discusses and illustrates these three activity types. The aim is to complement insights on the functioning of firms in the sharing economy with a perspective that centers community-oriented activities.


Reischauer, G. 2(016). Zum Teilen anregen: Konzeptionelle Überlegungen aus einer netzwerkperspektive. Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung, 85(3), 81-91.

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