How to theorize new forms of sharing?

The sharing economy is researched on different levels of analysis and with variety of methodological approaches. Researchers have diverse exploratory goals and apply various explanatory mechanisms. In a volume in the renowned series "Research on the Sociology of Organisations", the i-share researchers Indre Maurer, Johanna Mair and Achim Oberg publish current work that with a connecting element: the studies contribute to theorizing on the variety and trajectories in the sharing economy based on organization theories.

The sharing economy is intensely debated. Research thereby lags behind public discourse and praxis. Existing conceptual and empirical research is mainly descriptive and focused on the phenomenon, but does often not build on existing theoretical work. 

With their volume “Theorizing the Sharing Economy: Variety and Trajectories of New Forms of Organizing” Indre Maurer, Johanna Mair and Achim Oberg contribute to closing these gaps by bringing together different work that builds on organization theories to develop a better understanding of new forms of sharing and organizing in the sharing economy.

In their introductory chapter, they develop a framework to systematically analyze and structure existing research. This helps to more systematic development of further research and to furthering societal knowledge on the sharing economy.


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