platforms2share workshop: How to succeed in the platform economy?

Picture: University of Mannheim

On Octorber 17th 2018, platforms2share hosted a workshop for its partners in the field discussing aspects of how to sustain the digital platform economy. The workshop aimed for a better understanding of differnt market levels relevant for regulating the platform economy.

In two input sessions Jonas Pentzien and Clara Wolff presented their current state of research on the digital platform economy. Afterwards the participants discussed these theoretical insights from a practical point of view and compared them to their everyday experiences.

At first a concept of three market levels relevant for regulating the platform economy were introduced: 1) the platform internal market, 2) the entire market of an industry or sector and 3) the data market. While the present organizations were positioning themselves within this three-market-level concept, different regulatory meassures applied by the platforms were discussed.

In a second input session a simulation model for mapping market changes in the platform economy was introduced. After the input, the group was split up in smaller groups brainstroming parameters impacting the behaviour of platform users and organizations.