Call for papers on “Perspectives on the sharing economy”

Special issue in "Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitionson", edited by Koen Frenken (Utrecht University), deadline 1 March 2016.

This special issue will tackle the many sides of the sharing economy, looking at economic, social and environmental effects and discussing possible policies and regulations. Among the questions are: i. What theoretical perspectives help to explain the nature and growth of the sharing economy? Ii. What are the economic, social and environmental impacts of the sharing economy? iii. How do sharing platforms disrupt existing industries? iv. What are the institutional responses across industries and across localities? And v. How does sharing affect inequality in society?

All those who attended the 1st International Workshop on the Sharing Economy in Utrecht (June 2015) or who will attend the 2nd edition in Paris (January 2016) are invited to submit their paper, as well as any other scholar who wishes to contribute. The published articles will be available through Open Access for six months after the issue is published.

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