5th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy

Date: 28th to 29th June 2018

Location: University of Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany

We are delighted to invite academics, practitioners, representatives of civil society and everyone else who is interested in research on the sharing economy to Mannheim for the 5th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy.

Call for contribution


Sharing theories and insights

Despite the undisputed progress in better understanding the sharing economy by mapping and systematizing different application areas, market orientations or types of consumption there is still a long way to go before we can close the gap between practical and theoretical development in the sharing economy. Hence, our aim is to bring together research and researchers from a wide variety of theoretical backgrounds and disciplines to encourage academic discourse on theorizing the sharing economy phenomenon by addressing the following questions:

  • How can existing theories and disciplines inform research in the sharing economy to better understand the practical phenomenon?
  • How can practical development in the sharing economy stimulate existing theories and trigger theory development?
  • How can contributions from different disciplines contribute to develop a holistic picture of the sharing economy?


More than 100 researchers from 15 countries participated in the International Workshop on the Sharing Economy (IWSE) at the University of Mannheim, from 28th to 29th June 2018. In more than 70 presentations, researchers showed and discussed their work on the sharing economy from different disciplinary perspectives. The IWSE took place for the fifth time, the first time in Germany. The German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) funded the two-day workshop.
Über 100 Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler aus 15 Ländern haben an dem internationalen Workshop zur Sharing Economy (IWSE) vom 28. bis zum 29. Juni 2018 an der Universität Mannheim teilgenommen. In mehr als 70 Vorträgen wurden Forschungsarbeiten aus unterschiedlichen Disziplinen rund um den Phänomenbereich Sharing Economy vorgestellt und diskutiert. Der Workshop fand zum fünften Mal statt, erstmals in Deutschland. Gefördert wurde der zweitägige Workshop vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF).
We are very glad that for nearly all accepted presentations at least one author registered until May 31st. This made it possible to create a draft version of the academic program. We will have more than 60 presentations from researchers from 15 countries.
We are glad to announce that Cambridge Scholars Publishing will publish the best conference papers in the volume 'Perspectives on the Sharing Economy'. This volume will bring together short papers that all focus on the sharing economy phenomenon, yet examine the subject from different disciplinary angles, thus providing a coherent and comprehensive overview of research on the sharing economy. Short paper contributions will be selected in a competitive process from all papers invited for presentation at the 5th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy on June 28/29 in Mannheim (Germany). Authors will be informed by the end of June and will have to prepare a short paper of 2000 words until the end of July.
We invite project and paper contributions that are grounded in different disciplines and theoretical perspectives. Contributions can be conceptual, methodological or empirical. Please submit an abstract till March 31, 2018.

Preliminary program

We will have several disciplinary sessions. In each session, researchers from one discipline will present and discuss projects and papers. This guarantees a profound, disciplinary exchange and discourse. However, disciplinary sessions will not take the whole day so participants will be able to attend several sessions from different disciplines. This enables a fruitful interdisciplinary exchange. 

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

19:00 welcome reception

Thursday, June 28th, 2018

09:00-12:00 academic program
12:00-13:30 lunch
13:30-17:30 academic program

19:00-22:00 get together / evening event

Friday, June 29th, 2018

09:00-12:00 academic program
12:00-13:30 lunch
13:30-17:30 academic program
17:30 farewell

18:30 Heidelberg old city (optional / not covered by conference fee)

See the full program here.



More than 50 papers and projects have been selected for presentation at the 5th IWSE. Researchers from 15 countries will present their current work on the sharing economy. We invite researchers, PhD students and students interested in the sharing economy to discuss these research projects.

Please register here: https://www.i-share-economy.org/5th-iwse/registration


The workshop takes place at the University of Mannheim in the Mannheim palace. The location is easy to reach:

  • Only 30 minutes by train from Frankfurt airport to Mannheim main station
  • Only 5 minutes walking distance from Mannheim main station to the University of Mannheim
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Thank you for the intersting presentations and inspiring discussions at the 5th IWSE at the University of Mannheim!
IWSE_CfC_Theorizing the Sharing Economy.pdf
Prof. Dr. Indre Maurer
The draft program for the 5th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy is now online
Vielen Dank für die interessanten Vorträge und spannenden Diskussionen beim 5th IWSE an der Universität Mannheim!
Call for Contribution: 5th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy - June 28/29 in Mannheim, Germany
5th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy - Best Paper Proceedings 'Perspectives on the Sharing Ecomomy'
Prof. Dr. Achim Oberg
Prof. Dr. Dominika Wruk